Funky or Frumpy: Blake Lively


Blake Lively at "The Croods" New York City Premiere

Hmmm, Blake Lively. You used to attend the coolest fashion parties and wear the newest trends that made you really stand out on the over-populated red carpet. But since Gossip Girl ended (sob), and you secretly married Ryan Reynolds, you’re rarely seen on the red carpet – and when you do show up, to support your hubby’s new film, The Croods, you wear a strange purple mini-dress, with an odd plastic insert on the bust. If it was meant to look futuristic or innovative, it has failed miserably.

The rest of the outfit is fab – white heels, messy ponytail, natural looking make up and perfect smile, but the we’re leaning towards Frumpy more than Funky here at Prom. Which is a real shame. Bring back the old glamour puss Blake!