Pretty Dress, Awkward Pose: Ashley Greene

We’ve all been victim to this. The camera might have caught you at a funny or unflattering angle, or maybe the flash went off before you were ready – before you had even begun to say cheeeeessseeeee. However, Twilight star Ashley Greene does not have that excuse. The beautiful actress, wearing a stunning candy pink one shouldered dress (one of our fave dresses from this year, btw) has adopted The Sailor Pose. Yes, looking like a cross between a superhero, an angry mum and of course, a sailor, Ashley looks plain strange. If you want your arms to look slimmer in your prom photos, turn to the side and only put one hand on your hip. Putting one leg in front of the other can also create a more slimming look. But this? No, no, no.

  • Nicole

    Love The Dress, Hate The Pose!